Towards growth
Our trainings are suited to everyone – regardless of their field or position.


Leadership Day

The Leadership Day thoroughly acquaints you with Virtuous Leadership. It emboldens participants to examine themselves, see their strengths and weaknesses, and set off on a journey to new heights of intrinsic motivation and teamwork.

Three-Hour Training

This concentrated three-hour session is a launch pad for the development of natural charisma and true authority. Participants learn to harness professional enthusiasm for serving their organization and its members.

Custom Trainings

Customized sessions are perfectly adapted to participants’ needs and available time. They focus on a specific aspect of virtuous leadership which the organization needs to consolidate.

What people say...

Kim Fagerström

Kim Fagerström

”Good training and excellent trainer, who offered a different approach to self-development. A compact package on how things can be understood in a different way. Made me think."

Vesa Lehtelä

Vesa Lehtelä

CEO, Sininauhasäätiö

Employees' commitment to common values increased and their interest in the development of our organization grew. Virtuous Leadership is capable of engaging the whole organization, not just senior management. That’s why I recommend these seminars and the whole training package.

Who can participate?

Everyone needs excellence

Our trainings are suited to everyone – regardless of their field or position. They’re a perfect fit for people who want to grow and develop. Personal excellence is vital for anyone in a management or supervisory role, including HR and sales.