Leadership is character.
We help you and your organization develop focus, values and leadership.

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Leadership is core

Leadership is at a person’s very core. It's not what they know or don’t know, but what they are.. 

Virtuous Leadership

Leadership is about character. Leadership is excellence. And excellent character is built on virtues. Virtues are powers of mind, will and heart which give rise to strong character. They are the human element of excellence

Virtues are the key to...

  • healthy self-confidence
  • stress management
  • effective communication
  • developing trust
  • a robust and authentic corporate culture
  • true engagement
  • a strong work ethic

At Providentia we provide the tools for an organization to help its people acquire and grow in virtues.

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Santi Martínez

"Helping people grow is our passion. That’s why we train people, going back to the human dimension. We want clients to master the human factor, to be excellent as persons.

We’re a human-sized organization. We go to clients wherever they are, getting into their heads and hearts, their concerns and aspirations."

Santi Martínez
CEO\ Partner \ Leadership Trainer